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Trophy Award Newsflash

 Trophy Award Newsflash

We have our  stock trophy as well as our badges , domed decals and doming pricelists available - check the "Downloads" section.

The price list includes a listing of our stock trophies (imported and local pre-assembled cups), medals, awards of various descriptions, plaques and shields  in many different formats, trophies in materials such as wood and metal , our crystal and  optical glass presentation items and a vast selection of acrylics (Perspex-based trophies). Also included are high quality plated silverware (traditional silver cups) as a trophy and miniatures to give as replicas of the main trophy awards. 

Award Trophies

The trophy is an excellent way of motivating staff. Trophies and award plaques can be used very effectively in the occasional company ceremony where the award is handed out in front of peers. That trophy - be it a cup or a backlit plaque, a small engraving on a stand or a laser-cut panel - will never be thrown away and will be treasured by the award winner for years to come.

Our one-stop shop provides you with all you need for rewarding any achievement or just boosting your company image. Our recognition awards are a cost effective method of increasing production efficiency and motivating people. We can assist with putting together a rewards program. A trophy is allways kept and treasured.

Signage - Signs, Notices and Plaques

Apart from our standard trophy type items, we also do signage from simple laser engraved labels to massive backlit lightboxes or even bigger building signs and we can engrave or mark just about anything. Of course, lightboxes don't have to necessarily be large - a trophy lightbox - a backlit sign can be a wonderful conversation piece as an ornament as well. And, of course, every office needs smart laser engraved signs indicatiing places and staff occcupants. 


We make badges of all descriptions using various substrates and fittings. Badges can range from novelty party items, to official convention identification. We do Cnc type engraving as well as laser engraving and laser cutting. Ever seen how professional a badge looks when domed by a transparent surface?

Large or small format Printing - Vynyl, Decals and Stickers

Large format images can be printed on vinyl and banner material - even high quality poster photographs. Certificates, decals, self-adhesive full colour stickers and so on are well within our capabilities.

Got an idea for a special recognition plaque, trophy or a subtly elegant office or business  sign? Want an item domed (resin bubble applied to it)? Want some complex industrial engraving done via laser or CnC machine ? Need some badges for employees or conference or for events? Want a unique promotional item? Need some in store point of sale displays? Having an awards ceremony and need something special like a custom award or silver trophy or certificate to give out? In the engineering field and need some fascias , tags and dials made? Designed something and want to get it manufactured? We do all your product development right from the design  to the final manufacturing stages.

Browse this site, download the price list, and come in for a chat. If you are located farther afield, then just drop us an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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